Breathalyzer can measure alcohol level

Alcohol is consumed from the ancient times till date in various ways and Seoul is not an exception. Sometimes it is used as religious purposes; providing medicinal, analgesic and antiseptic benefits; energy and nutritional supply; thirst quenching; to relax; social merry making and increasing the delight of pleasure. Still now there is a controversy regarding the doubts of whether the alcoholic drink can be treated as an attractive medicinal liquid or a poisonous one. Debate will continue as usual with this topic. But one thing is quite clear that consuming these drinks will be harmful for the individual or the society when the limit is quite high.

The case of drunken driving is most frequently observed in many places. This leads to fatal accidents for most of the times and if not it is merely the good luck of the individuals or the passengers on the road. When the law and enforcement department handles the case of road accidents and gives a case against the drunken driver, the very common words heard are the blood alcohol level. It is a matter of time taking test that is not possible to perform at the short period of time when one is suspected as drunken driving. For this purpose an alternative method came into existence. A device is invented which can measure the blood alcohol level from the suspected person’s breath. The blood alcohol concentration level or the BAC level determines the alcohol intoxication limits. The device is the breath analyzer and was invented in the brand name of Breathalyzer. The same device with modifications are used nowadays also by the law and enforcement departments.DriTraveling whikle

The principles of testing the blood alcohol level by breathalyzer are that the alcohol consumed by a person is absorbed from the mouth, throat, stomach and intestine into the main blood stream and is shown up in his breathe. The breath analyzer takes the ethanol exhaled by the suspected person and is oxidized into acetic acid and water. A microprocessor measures the electrical current produced in this reaction and is displayed as the Blood Alcohol Content of the person.

There are a number of types of breathe analyzer. Some are used for personal level; some are for professional and some for public level. The law and enforcement department uses this device to identify the drunken drivers and restrict them from driving under the influence of the alcohol for the public safety.

To check the alcohol level in the blood preliminarily one can conduct the tests themselves with the portable devices. Many types of Portable Breathalyzer in various ranges can be obtained nowadays. The alcohol levels are 0.05 which is the normal boundary above which the person is under the influence of alcoholic impairs. When the level reaches 0.08 it is the legal standard of drunkenness in almost all over the world. Alcohol Breathalyzer test is very important to detect the drunken drivers and maintain the road safety. The consumption of alcohol must be under control. Driving while drunk is a punishable offense and also fatal and so must be avoided.